​Pump World

Our Replacement Pumps utilize the latest designs like Magnetic drive, Direct Drive and solid state drive motors .  The efficiency of modern pumps is placed in high regard and is achieved as follows:
  • Magnetic drive pumps utilize a ceramic magnet and water cools motor achieving higher efficiency
  • Direct drive models also use water for cooling but are usually epoxy encapsulated.
  • Finally newer pump designs use solid state circuitry ​for higher efficiency

​​​Pond, Fountain and Waterfall Replacement Pumps

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Make your home landscape an oasis like none other once again.

Our landscape Replacement Pumps do more than circulate water. They help create a breathtaking mini ecosystem that embodies your personal aesthetic while incorporating the indigenous flora and fauna of your Pond, Fountain or Waterfall area. 

Your dream + our process

Don’t trust your replacement pump project to just any firm. We use a stringent, client-centric process to ensure collaboration occurs at every critical junction and that you’re informed. Ensuring you receive the closest available if not exact replacement pump.
It’s a thrill when you see your vision implemented right in front of you. Most pumps are designed for plug and play and usually ship with adapters for different size pipe or tubing.

The install phase happens like this:
  • After receiving pump find the adapter that fits your tubing or pipe
  • ​If Installation is inhibited because of adapters most pumps have standard plumbing thread
  • ​You local hardware store can help match fittings. All done!
Our Engineers help set you up with the correct replacement pump. You collaborate with our world-renowned Water Pump Sales Engineers to meticulously replace your old pump without breaking your budget.

The Quote phase happens like this: 
  • Send us a Picture via e-mail with Pump tag Specs if possible.
  • We look for the correct replacement pump among our large inventory.  
  • We e-mail you back with a replacement product and answer questions if there are any.